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ClubWebs make, develop and support websites for clubs, organisations, communities and even businesses.
We work in partnership with you, building both understanding and features, ensuring your website works hard for you.
We understand that Memberships and Communities can make big demands of a websites feature set so we use DNN to deliver 95% of all you need at day one.  DNN is Free!
Yes - all the software to make the site function is Open Source and is free of cost at source and from us.
Delivering Online Facilities in our current economic climate means all cost factors need to be re-evaluated.
More than ever it makes no sense to spend money "inventing wheels" that are freely available "off the shelf".
DNN is the the planets leading ASP. Net website application and provides a solid and powerful foundation to build a viable website strategy upon.
All You Need A ClubWebs DNN website includes hosting, all backups, out of hours support & tuition, plus many extra feature modules.
We then all get on with the main objectives of your website:
• Communicating and Engaging with your Visitors & Members.
• Promoting Your Organisation.
• Saving You Money.
DNN is Modular Links below lead to non technical explanations on the Features & Facilities page
Membership Profile System  Controlling Access  Content Management System  Skins & Styles File Manager  Text/HTML  Document Download  Article System  Events System  Media  Form System Bulk Email & Newsletters  Forums  Map Integration  Google Analytics  Simple Survey Accessibility & Text Size  Online Shop  SSL Security  DNN Module List
 Features & Facilities
Non technical information on all the features that a ClubWebs DNN site provides. 
 Costs & Benefits 
(Reasons to be cheerful)
Clear information on the costs of ownership and operation.
 Contact Us 
We are happy to answer quick questions by phone and email or to do an online presentation.
 Video Guides 
See some video clips of DNN in Admin mode.
PDF's versions of ClubWeb pages & feature manuals.
 DNN Site Links
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